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Jones in Virginia and SC. Following Jones families were found:

(1) Squire Benjamin Jones (~1700VA) married Elizabeth Crane. Their son Captain Adam Crane Jones (1722VA-1815) married Catherine Campbell, whose daughter Elizabeth (1771VA - 1843SC) married Colonel John Weatherall (1762VA - 1824SC) and lived in Abbeville, SC.

(2) Benjamin Jones (~1760VA - 1821VA) married Martha Rivers (dau of Robert) in 1783 in Brunswick Co, VA; he married second Dorothy Mabry in 1801. Benjamin's son was Robert Rivers Jones (1797VA - 1884VA) of the same county.

(3) Benjamin Jones married Mary Townes of VA about 1797 in Abbeville, SC. These were probably his sons who also married there: Benjamin F. Jones to Mary Graham about 1835 and Abner P. Jones to Lavinda Buchanon in 1842.

b. _____ Jones (?VA - ?) married Abbie ___ (1770VA - >1860AL) and had sons below. Abbie lived with son Benjamin in St Clair County, AL, in 1860.

(1) Thomas W. Jones (1784VA - 1862AL) married Mary Weatherby (1791VA - >1862AL), had the sons below, died in St Clair County. Mary's parents were James Weatherby (1758VA) and Sarah Martin (1765VA) of Spotsylvania County, VA; her grandparents were Thomas Weatherby (1734 Wales) and Rachel ___ (1738).

(a) John W. Jones (1823VA - 1873AL) married Nancy Ann McLeod (1828AL), farmed at Mt Niles in St Clair County, 1850-60. Ann's ancestors were from Scotland:

Malcolm McLeod md Elizabeth Ross - lived in Isle of Lewis, Scotland

John McLeod (1768 - >1835)

Daniel McLeod (1801NC - 1894AL) md Nancy Sedberry(1800NC - 1893AL), died in Shelby County, AL

(b) Robert Jones (1829SC) md Eliza ___ (1829AL), farmed in St Clair Co in 1850.

(2) Benjamin Jones - see 7c below

(3) Spears Jones Sr (1794SC) married Elizabeth (1800SC), farmed in St Clair County in 1850, had son Spears Jr (1821SC) and grandson Benjamin (1848AL).

(4) Abner Jones (1811SC) md Lavenia ___ (1822SC), farmed in St Clair Co in 1850.

(5) Adam A. Jones (1813SC) md Caroline ___ (1817SC), farmed in St Clair Co in 1850.

(6) Eli Jones (1818SC) md Caroline ___ (1825AL), farmed in St Clair Co in 1850.

c. Benjamin Jones (1790SC - >1860AL) married Malinda ___ (1794SC) and had children below. Benjamin was farming in Beaver Valley of St Clair County in 1850-60.

(1) Benjamin F. Jones (1819SC - >1870AL) married in 1841 Susannah A. Fuller (1824SC) and had Malinda B. 1843, dau Artemenia 1846, Mary 1848, William 1849, Levi 1850, John 1852, Amanda 1855, Sloan 1859. Benjamin was farming in Beaver Valley 1850-70.

(2) Julian Jones (1826SC) married B. F. Garritt (1823VA), farmed in Calhoun County in 1850.

(3) H. C. Jones (1829SC) married Rebecca ___ (1844AL), farmed in Branchville, St Clair Co, 1870.

(4) Malinda Jones (1831SC) md Ansil Baity in 1860

(5) Rebecca C. Jones (1832SC) married George W. Reese (1824AL) in 1854, lived in Beaver Valley

(6) James H. Jones - see 7d below

(7) Abner Jones (1836SC) married Effie ___ (1841AL), lived in Beaver Valley in 1860

d. James H. Jones (~1833SC - 1858AL) married Eliza ___ and had children below. His estate was settled in Benton County in 1858-60. Eliza lived with her brother-in-law H. C. Jones in 1870. It is believed that James and Eliza are buried in the Oak Bowery Cemetery with stones mark "J.H. and wife" next to son Thomas.

(1) James Larkin Jones md Fannie Rowe, may have had:

(a) John H. Jones (1874-1963) md Mary K. ___ (1882-1964), buried at Oak Bowery.

(b) James H. Jones (1876-1962) married Sarah Lee

(2) Thomas Jefferson Jones (1846-1912) married Hannah G. ___ (1854-1934), buried Oak Bowery.

(3) Benjamin F. Jones - see 7e below

(4) Francis M. Jones (1854)

(5) Penino Jones

(6) Eliza E. Jones

(7) Mary J. Jones

(8) Sarah E. Jones

e. Benjamin Franklin Jones (8 Jan 1854 - 24 Dec 1939) married Samantha A. Haynie (6 Sep 1855 - 14 Jan 1932) and had the children below. She was the daughter of Joseph P. Haynie (?-?, farmer in Polkville) and Cora (Dixie) York (?-?), both buried Oak Bowery; she was the grand-daughter of William D. Haynie (1829SC, farmer in St Clair Co) and Nancy J.___ (1831GA). Benjamin was farming in Polkville in 1910-20, he and Samantha buried at Oak Bowery Cemetery.

(1) Andrew Jackson (Jack) Jones (1879-1953) married Rebecca April (Appie) V.___ (1881-1933), had children below, lived in Piedmont in 1947, both buried at Oak Bowery.

(a) Ruby G. Jones (1909-1917) buried Oak Bowery

(b) Hubert Jones

(c) Netta Jones md ___ Lovett

(d) Melvin Jones (1917-1919) buried Oak Bowery

(e) Zula Jones md Jack Minton

(f) Vada Jones md Homer Keener

(g) Ruth Jones md Richard Smith

(h) Ara Jones md John Ray

(5) George McDuffy Jones (1888-1947) married Willie M. ___ (1891-1963), had children below. They were buried at Oak Bowery Cemetery.

(a) Louis Jones

(b) Carl F. Jones (1915-1986) was in Army in WWII, buried at Oak Bowery

(c) John Wesley Jones (1916-1980) buried at Oak Bowery

(d) infant (b/d 1918) buried at Oak Bowery

(e) William Jones

(f) James Edward Jones (1921-1976) was in Army in WWII, buried at Oak Bowery

(g) Nathan E. Jones (1931-1986) was in Army in Korea, buried at Oak Bowery

(h) Earl B. Jones (1932-1986) was in Army in Korea, buried at Oak Bowery

(i) Ruth (md ___ Hendricks)

(j) Mildred (md ___ Humphries).


(6) Cleveland (Cleavy) Jones (1893) md S. L. Pasley of Piedmont

(7) Defreese (Fresy) Jones (1895) md Frank Timmons, lived in Los Angeles

(8) Hattie Jones (1897) md L. D. Robinson, lived in Coldwater

(9) Wilson E. (Will) Jones (1900) lived in Rome GA in 1964

(10) Benjamin Crowley Jones - see 7f below

f. Benjamin Crowley Jones (13 Apr 1902 - 2 Nov 1964) married Ester Jennings (15 Jun1905 - ) and had children below. See Ester's family in M5 above. Ben worked for the Calhoun County Road Department. They were buried at Oak Bowery Cemetery.

(1) Marie Jones married Vernon Motes, had children below, live in Saks.

(a) Ralph Motes

(b) Kenneth Motes

(2) Amos Jones married Mildred Medders, had children below, live in Ohatchee.

(a) Steve Jones

(b) Paula Jones md Marlin Harrell

(3) Lester Jones (1929) married Lois Howard (1936) in Mississippi and had the children below at RMC in Anniston. Lois was born in Wellington, the daughter of Robert Frank Howard and Evie Dean Mcardy. Lester retired from Lee Brass and works for Saks Elementary school. All are members at Oak Bowery Baptist Church.

(a) Stanley Jones (1954) married Sherry Clark in Dothan and had the children below. Stanley is a coach at Piedmont, Sherry is a teacher at Piedmont Elementary.

1 Evan Jones

2 Elizabeth Jones

(b) Delores Jones (1958) married Mike Harrell in 1975 at Oak Bowery and had the children below. Delores works for First Baptist Church in Gadsden, Mike works at Anniston Army Depot.

1 Jennifer Harrell works for Greenbrier Baptist Church

2 Zachery Harrell works for Food World

(c) Benjamin (Benji) Jones (1970) is employed at Borders Construction Company.

(4) Harold Jones (20 Mar 1935) married Betty Wright (20 Dec 1937) on 24 May 1957 in Oxford and had the children below. Betty was born at Walnut Grove in Etowah County, the daughter of David Alford Wright and Lois Brown. Harold worked as a pattern-maker for Anniston Foundary, R&J Machinery, and M&H Valve Company. Betty was a nurse for Stringfellow Hospital and NEA Regional Medical Center. They are members of Oak Bowery Baptist Church.

(a) Barbara Jones (2 Aug 1958) md Mark Wilson Willingham and had:

1 Mark Wilson Willingham Jr (1 Sep 1984 Crosby, TX)

2 Thomas Andrew Willingham (14 Feb 1986 Birmingham, AL)

(b) Timothy Harold Jones (19 Mar 1960) attended Gadsden State and Auburn University.


(5) Alice Jones md Clarence Truitt, live in Ohatchee


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